Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Brad Fan Fest!

I got an email from the Washington Caps today with the following subject line:

Brad Fan Fest is July 12 Make Sure You Are There

All I can say is... aww shucks, fellas, you shouldn't have. I'm not that special.

Remind me why people think adding a first name to an email message (or subject line!) is "customization"?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Genuine, Accept No Substitutes

I've finalized my hipster dork gear (MacBook, iPod, tomtom, cel phone, bento box lunchpail, tattoo, knee-high boots, twitter feed - I'm making myself a little queasy) with a Buddy scooter from Genuine.

There are lots of fantastic reasons why I bought a Genuine - price point, colors, cargo space, 100MPG. Best of all - it has a 12V outlet and a place to hang your cel phone.

It's the teensy things that make a product really resonate. Vespa may have old school cool, and Kymco may be more resilient, but Genuine knows its market. Dorks need their gadgets, and never want to miss a call.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Enter To Exit

The other night I was at an ATM. That was the command given to finalize my transaction. It is so very zen that I can't even complain. I can only sit back and enjoy the symmetry and perfection of it.

One throat to choke

I must have missed the original meaning of this expression. But the other day, in a kickoff meeting, someone from one of my clients used this term when asking, essentially, who their primary point of contact would be. I sort of like it.