Monday, June 23, 2008

Genuine, Accept No Substitutes

I've finalized my hipster dork gear (MacBook, iPod, tomtom, cel phone, bento box lunchpail, tattoo, knee-high boots, twitter feed - I'm making myself a little queasy) with a Buddy scooter from Genuine.

There are lots of fantastic reasons why I bought a Genuine - price point, colors, cargo space, 100MPG. Best of all - it has a 12V outlet and a place to hang your cel phone.

It's the teensy things that make a product really resonate. Vespa may have old school cool, and Kymco may be more resilient, but Genuine knows its market. Dorks need their gadgets, and never want to miss a call.

1 comment:

Tim said...

I've been wanting a scooter forever and hadn't heard of Genuine before. I really love the Stella, but the Buddy probably makes more sense. And is a bit geekier. Thanks for the tip!