Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Buddy System

WARNING: I'm scooter crazed what with the novelty and nice riding weather. Plus, the product design of it all keeps me thinking about how you can really give people what they want without feature creep.

Top 5 Things I Heart About Buddy

1. It has a storage compartment in the leg panel big enough to tuck a small purse or use as a steady cupholder for a small coffee. No spills, no tipping!

2. The seat storage pops open when I press in the key, just like my car.

3. There are pre-drilled holes in the front to install a basket, should I want to.

4. The parts are plastic and lightweight, so Buddy can accelerate fast, despite being a 50cc (roughly like riding a big chainsaw).

5. The starter has a tiny bell to signal when it's engaged, so I don't flood the engine. It also serves an alert, should I hit the wrong button.

Buddy reminds me of TiVO - easy to use, not more than you need, gives you what you need to do well.

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